Certified Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst (CCDFA)

Certified Cyber Defense Forensics Analyst

Employer’s hire CCDDAs to perform critical tasks which include:

  • Recognize and accurately report forensic artifacts.
  • Extract data using data carving techniques (e.g., Forensic Tool Kit [FTK], Foremost).
  • Capture and analyze network traffic associated with malicious activities using network monitoring tools.
  • Use specialized equipment and techniques to catalog, document, extract, collect, package, and preserve digital evidence.

CCDFA's complete these courses to acquire the skills employers want

  • Fundamentals of Linux
  • Windows Familiarization
  • CompTIA Sec+
  • Incident Response
  • Basic Digital Media Forensics
  • Fundamentals of Network Forensics
  • Fundamentals of Malware Analysis
  • Forensic Investigations & Evidence
  • Reverse Engineering Malware
  • Advanced Malware Analysis
  • Mobile Device Forensics

CCDFA Skills and Lab Assessments

Employers hire CCDAs who have these Cyber Skills:

  • Network Collection and Handling
  • File Collection and Analysis
  • Malware Analysis

Jobs Held by CCDFAs?

  • Computer Forensic Analyst
  • Computer Network Defense (CND)
    Forensic Analyst
  • Digital Forensic Examiner
  • Cyber Forensic Analyst
  • Forensic Analyst (Cryptologic)
  • Forensic Technician
  • Network Forensic Examiner
  • Host Forensic Examiner

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