Certified Cyber Defense Analyst (CCDA)

Certified Cyber Defense Analyst

Employer’s hire CCDAs to preform critical tasks which include:

  • Use cyber defense tools for continual monitoring and analysis of system activity to identify malicious activity.
  • Document and escalate incidents (including event’s history, status, and potential impact for further action) that may cause ongoing and immediate impact to the environment.
  • Analyze identified malicious activity to determine weaknesses exploited, exploitation methods, effects on system and information.
  • Perform event correlation using information gathered from a variety of sources within the enterprise to gain situational awareness and determine the effectiveness of an observed attack.
  • Conduct research, analysis, and correlation across a wide variety of all source data sets (indications and warnings).
  • Receive and analyze network alerts from various sources within the enterprise and determine possible causes of such alerts.

CCDA's complete these courses to acquire the skills employers want

  • Fundamentals of Linux
  • Windows Familiarization
  • CompTIA Sec+
  • Introduction to Python
  • Incident Detection Response and Handling
  • Incident Response
  • Hacking and Web Exploitation
  • Basic Networking and Protocol Analysis
  • Concepts of Intelligence Based Computer Network Defense
  • Python for Network Security Analysts
  • Correlating Attacks, Advanced Data Analysis
  • Identifying Common Hacker Techniques, Methods, Vectors

CCDA Skills and Lab Assessments

Employers hire CCDAs who have these Cyber Skills:

  • Protocol Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Incident Handling Methodology
  • Network Defense Analysis
  • Network Attack Analysis

Candidates may use their skill assessments to test out of courses required by the CCDA.

Jobs Held by CCDAs?

  • Computer Network Defense (CND) Analyst
  • Enterprise Network Defense (END) Analyst
  • Cybersecurity / Information Security Analyst
  • Incident Analyst
  • Network Security Analyst / Specialist / Engineer
  • Network Defense Technician
  • Security Operator
  • Sensor Analyst

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